Wetap.site legit or scam

Is Wetap.site Legit Or Scam? Wetap.site Review

How would you like to make money online by just tapping a button, and completing simple tasks? If you don’t think this is possible — well, it is! With wetap.site, you can make money online for free with little or no experience.

So far, what this platform has to offer to its users has to be one of the best, and easiest way to make money online. However, this is dependent on its legitimacy level. Well, wetap is bound to raise doubts among users because you are literally almost nothing doing anything.

Various questions have been raised to know how legit this platform is. Some of these questions are: Is wetap legit or scam? Does wetap pay? Is wetap.site real or fake? Has wetap.site crashed? And many others.

Well, in wetap.site review, I’m going to be giving the answers to each one of those questions. So, I suggest you pay rapt attention, and don’t skip any part of this review.

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Wetap.site Review

In today’s review, I’m going to be taking you through all you may need to know about this new money making website known as wetap.site

On the same note, in wetap.site review, I will be discussing, and giving answers to the following queries: How wetap works, how to make money on wetap, tasks available on wetap, how to create a wetap account, wetap login, how to make withdrawal on wetap, and most importantly answer the question: is wetap.site legit or a scam?

In line with all these, I strongly encourage you to read this review thoroughly without skipping a word to fully understand how wetap works, and know the answers to the above queries.

Disclaimers: Wetap.site review is not a promotion neither is Financial Options an affiliate to wetap. Moreover, wetap.site review is solely to educate all readers on what they need to know on wetap.


What Is Wetap.site?

Luke the name suggest, wetap is a money making site where you make money just by tapping a button. Moreover, that’s not all as on this site, you also get paid when you complete simple tasks.

Technically, there are numerous ways you can make money on this platform which means it is left for you to pick the one that suits you best. Before you can select what money making method suits you best, you need to first know how wetap.site works.

Well, you can learn how in the next part of this review.


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How Does Wetap.site Work / How To Make Money?

On this platform, you start earning as soon as you create an account — so, to start making money on wetap.site, you need to first create your account. After completing this step, you are given a sign-up bonus of R15.

Moreover, it doesn’t end there as you also earn R5 for free each time you tap a button. However, you can only do this once daily. Nevertheless, you can decide to earn more by upgrading your account capacity.

There are different packages you can select from on wetap depending on your pocket. Well, you can go as much as earning R50 daily when you upgrade to a bigger package.

Another great way to increase your income on wetap is by participating in referral. Each time you register a friend, family, or new members with your unique invitation link, you earn a referral commission of R2.

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How To Refer Or Invite?

To get your wetap.site affiliate link, you just need to log into your account, and you can access them on your dashboard.

Like I mentioned earlier, for every referral you make on this platform, you get a commission of R2 when your referral tap to earn.


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When Was Wetap Launched?

Wetap.site was launched on the 12th of November 2022, and currently, is one of the trending money making sites on the internet today.

However, do not mistake this platform popularity for its legitimacy, or is wetap legit? Find out!


Who Is The CEO / Founder?

No one knows whom the founder of this amazing platform is because the developers of wetap.site has refuse to reveal their identity. Well, this move made by the developers has risen some suspicions.


Where You Can Find Wetap?

Well, wetap.site was created only for users in South Africa. Technically, only those with a South African phone number can create an account, and earn on this platform.

Nonetheless, if you have these details set, then you can follow the instructions below on how to create your account.


Wetap.site Sign Up

Creating your wetap account is the first step to earning on this platform, and is not a problem. Just keep in mind that you will be submitting some details of yourself.

For example, your phone number, email address, password, and also referral code. Note that having a referral code is compulsory.

So, click ‘wetap sign up‘ to open its registration page with a referral code, or visit ‘wetap.site’ to start creating your account.


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How To Log Into Your Account?

Go to the wetap.site login page to access you account. Keep in mind that you would have to submit your phone number, and password to access your account.

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How to withdraw on Wetap.site?

All withdrawals on wetap.site would be sent to your bank details. So, to submit your bank details, click ‘withdraw’.

Note: Wetap minimum withdrawal threshold is R150. Also, you will need to make a deposit of at least R100 before your withdrawal request would be approved.


Is Wetap.site Legit or Scam?

Is wetap.site still paying? Well, the answer is yes! Wetap is a legit platform which has been paying its users for quite a while now. Basically, there has been multiple proof of payment from this platform to name it a legit site.

Nevertheless, I would advise all users to avoid putting more than they can bare to lose on this platform. On the other hand, you could stick to the free package where you don’t need to deposit to earn.

Well, I would like to hear your reviews on this platform. Is wetap legit or not? Do share your answers in the comments below.



Thank you for reading wetap.site review.

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