scholarships to study medicine
scholarships to study medicine

Scholarships to study medicine in the UK for international students

If you dream of becoming a doctor one day, or you want to study medicine abroad however, you can’t because of the high cost it takes to study there. Well, you shouldn’t give up on that dream as this article will be helping you with that dream. How? In this article, we will be showing you various scholarships to study medicine in the UK for international students. These medicine study scholarships we will be revealing to you in this article is no doubt the best you may see in 2023 in the UK.


How To Get Scholarships To Study Medicine In The UK?

Studying medicine in the United Kingdom very well is one of the most important specialties available at the British universities for international students. Indeed, getting an academic diplomas in any of the world’s best universities is an irreplaceable opportunity.

Sadly, there are usually prohibitions when studying in these elite universities, and some of these prohibitions are; students worrying about tuition fees, and other expenses. In reality, there are various British scholarships for medicinal studies in the United Kingdom. Well, this is because the medical field includes various disciplines e.g. Pharmacy, Surgery and also Dentistry.

However, if you can show that you are an excellent student with outstanding achievements, then you shouldn’t think long before you apply to any of these scholarships to study medicine in the UK.


Lists Of Scholarships To Study Medicine In The UK 2023-2024

Here are some of the best scholarships to study medicine in the United Kingdom. These scholarships support international students who wish to complete their academics, and also get a degree in their study course. So, we suggest you take a look at these scholarships, and select which best fit your interest.

International Pharmacy Scholarship

The University of Birmingham pharmacy college has an offer for a 5years diploma in pharmacy. Well, this scholarship was created so that international students can apply. Every year, the Birmingham pharmacy college offers five scholarships to international students. Each of these scholarships worth £3000. Also, these scholarships covers the tuition fee for five years to study at the University of Birmingham.

Nevertheless, to keep on benefiting from the International Pharmacy Scholarship each year, then you should keep your study results great.

Click the link to apply for the International Pharmacy Scholarship in the UK.


Global Scholarship of Excellence

The Global Scholarships of Excellence was created by the of medical sciences, and Dentistry. And this scholarship has an offer to students who have interest to study medicine in the United Kingdom. Just so you know, these scholarships stands out because they are global on the one hand, while they are based on the criteria of excellence on the other hand

Indeed, this scholarship is of great benefits to both international, and British students who excel well in their field of study. However, each of these scholarships last for a year, and costs £2000. Furthermore, the Global Scholarship of Excellence is also to all applicants who have been accepted into a British medical school.

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In addition, the Global Scholarship of Excellence also apply to dental sciences, and also postgraduate master’s programs.

So, to apply for the Global Scholarship of Excellence to study medicine in the UK, click the link.


British Government Scholarship Program for International Students

The UK Government offers scholarships to individuals with high academic grades and high leadership potential. Note that all students that are awarded these scholarships are personally selected by British embassies around the world.

Additionally, the students awarded with the British government scholarship program have a great opportunity to live a unique experience, develop academically, and also experience the UK culture. Furthermore, the scholarship also gives financial assistance for master’s degree at British leading universities. Also, the British Government Scholarship Program for International Students offers over 1,500 government scholarships in each academic course. These include scholarships to study medicine in the United Kingdom, medicine, and also surgery in its various disciplines.


King University Scholarship

The King’s College for Social, Health, and Medical Sciences is giving scholarships to all students to study human medicine in the UK. Keep in mind that the King University Scholarship is for students who register for bachelor in global health and social medicine, or a bachelor’s degree.

The King University Scholarship is worth £3000 each year of the first-year certificate. Moreover, all international students are eligible to benefit from this scholarship. Note that the selection is primarily based on the candidates academic excellence as well as his/her standard of living.

Click on the link to apply for the King University Scholarship in the UK.


John Abernthy Scholarship

The John Abernthy Scholarship is supervised by the Queen Mary University of London. And this scholarship to study medicine in the United Kingdom is for both British students, and also international students.

Unlike the majority of British scholarships which do not exceed three years, the John Abernathy scholarship continues to give students the benefits for five years with an increase in satisfactory progress which happens each year, and also an increase in academic study.

So, click the link to apply for John Abernthy Scholarship for Medicine study.


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Hull York International Medical College Scholarship

The Hull York Medical College is giving to all international students an opportunity to study medicine for almost for free with its scholarship. Well, this is because this scholarship covers a quarter of the Hull York Medical College tuition fees in the UK during the first two years.

All students who wish to apply for this scholarship should keep in mind that the Hull York International Medical College Scholarship is for only surgery, and medicine students. Moreover, in the same manner as other scholarships, the Hull York Medical scholarship is only awarded on the basis of merit, and financial need. Anything otherwise, the beneficiary of this scholarship should not pay this amount later.

Here is the link to apply for the Hull York Medical International Medical Scholarship.



Finally! We hope you do see the best scholarships among our list to fulfill your dream of studying medicine in the UK. On the other hand, you can check out some interesting scholarships in the United States of America. Take a look at ‘US Western Governs University (WGU) Scholarships 2023‘.

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