Testerup.com legit or scam

Testerup.com Review (Is Testerup Legit Or Scam? Get Paid While Testing Games)

How would you like to make up to $120 daily by playing games? Well, you are testing these games for the developers, but either ways, you have to play it to test it. Moreover, you can make this cool cash with testerup.com

Nonetheless, testerup is not only an app testing site, but also a survey site. Well, these games are not so easy to play, and may require you to put your money to play these games. Not only that, you only get access to some free games, and surveys on testerup. Well, wouldn’t you want to try these games yourself? I’m very well interested myself…

But, how does testerup work? Is testerup legit? Does testerup pay? Is testerup genuine? How can I get more games on testerup for free? Well, the answers to all these questions will be shown to you on testerup.com review.

So, I would encourage you all to read testerup.com review with all the attention you can get because a little mistake on this platform can make you lose your earnings.

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Testerup.com Review

If you are yet to know the reason for testerup.com review, well this review is going to be answering the reoccurring question – is testerup.com legit or scam? On the contrary, I’m also going to be most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on testerup.

Some of these questions are what is testerup? How to get more free game on testerup? How does testerup work? When was testerup launched? Testerup sign-up? How to withdraw on testerup? And more.

Note that testerup.com review is not done to promote the testerup site neither am I an affiliate to the site ‘testerup.com’. Additionally, testerup.com review is done purposely for education of our readers, users, and aspiring users of testerup.


What Is Testerup.com?

Testerup is an online earning site which claims to pay users when they complete simple, but ridiculous tasks given to them.

Moreover, you don’t need a special skill to be able to complete these task because they are mostly fun task you do on a day-to-day basics. These tasks are downloading apps, and playing games, testing websites, and completing surveys.


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How Does Testerup.com Work / How To Make Money?

Making money on testerup.com is ridiculously amazing because it’s very unbelievable looking at the amount they claim to pay. Nonetheless, who knows if they actually pay. Well, I’m going to show you how to earn massively on testerup.

Basically, I want to believe that you have completed the first step to making money on testerup — I am talking of creating an account. So, if you are yet to do that, learn how you can go about that later testerup.com review.

Well, you make money on testerup by testing games, website, and even completing surveys. Technically, testing games, and website pays more. However, like I stated earlier, not all of these games are free. Once you sign up, testerup gives you a chance to start earning by giving you 2 free games to test, and some surveys.

Nonetheless, that’s a start, isn’t it? Basically, all you have to do is to select any of these games, read the given instructions, download the app/games, or open the website, and do what you were told to do. Furthermore, you are paid little by little the more you advance in that task.

Also, every game, website, and surveys on testerup varies in commission given. In addition to that, the games that pay well on testerup are not free — meaning you have to be a premium user to access these games.

On the contrary, you won’t be allowed to play these games nor get paid if you have downloaded any of these apps before, or still have it. It is essential you don’t have any data of that app on your device.


Another Way To Earn On Testerup

Alternatively, you can earn in another way on testerup.com. And what way is this? Participating in the testerup affiliate program. Referrals earnings on testerup are given yearly i.e. you keep getting this bonus for a year. Who wouldn’t want that?!

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Well, what are you waiting for!? Learn how testerup referral works below.


How To Refer Or Invite?

Every time a member you recruit successfully completes an order on testerup.com you will receive 10% of their earnings. Well, you get this percentage active for 365 days.

Nonetheless, If a member you recruited within 365 days earns $150 you will receive a proportionate amount of $15 commission. Note that these commissions are automatically credited to you, and displayed accordingly in your account transactions.

So, to get your testerup invitation link, click the profile button in the top right of your dashboard, and select ‘advertise members‘. Well, you can now copy your referral link, and invite whomever you want.


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When Was Testerup Launched?

Well, testerup.com is actually not a new platform, and has been available for quite a while. Testerup was initially known as Testery — however, it has always worked the same way, but this time around they added some little changes.

Moreover, getting the actual launch date of this platform is almost impossible. Currently, my team and I are still looking for that information.


Who Is The CEO / Founder?

The managing director of testerup.com is a man called Caglar Eger whom we don’t know if he is actually the founder. However, it was stated that he was the managing director of testerup.

Well, you can check out Caglar Eger’s profile on LinkedIn, or pocket gamer. Just click any of the two links, and you will find more information on him.


Where You Can Find Testerup?

Testerup.com is available to anyone who has a good device. For example, an Android phone or iPhone, laptop, or any device of your choice.

Also, you need to havea stable connection when playing these games in order not to disconnect your account from testerup.


Testerup.com Sign Up

You can create your own testerup account in many ways, and each of these ways is pretty easy. Well, you can create an account on testerup using your Gmail account, or your Facebook account.

Using any of these methods to create your testerup account is safe, and easy to go about. Press testerup, or visit its official website ‘testerup.com’ to go to its registration page.


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How To Log Into Your Account?

Logging into your testerup account is quite easy — go to the login page by visit the testerup website ‘testerup.com’, and selecting login.

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Then, fill in your email address, and password to access your dashboard.


How to withdraw on Testerup.com?

Withdrawals on testerup.com are paid to a PayPal wallet. So, if you are yet to have yours, creating one would be best for you.

Also note that the minimum withdrawable amount on testerup is $70 which is technically the least you can butt out on when you are testing an app or site. However, you can locate, and withdraw your earnings anytime you want.


Is Testerup.com Legit or Scam?

Is testerup.com legit or scam? Well, testerup is most likely a scam site which won’t pay you a dime of what they claim to pay. Technically, the games/apps given as task to you are done to make you download that apps, and the levels where you start getting paid tangible amount are so hard that you can sometimes not pass it without adding your money.

Furthermore, the claimed amount they tend to pay on testerup is so ridiculous, and kind of unbelievable. Even so, you can still try out these games, they are fun BUT avoid putting your money into this site.

Well, I would like to hear what you think about this earning site. Is testerup legit? Is testerup.com legit? Share your answers with us in the comments below.



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