Fully Funded Skoll Scholarship For MBA Studies 2023-2024

Fully Funded Skoll Scholarship For MBA Studies 2023-2024

The Skoll Scholarship For MBA Studies 2023-2024 at Oxford University.

The United Kingdom as we all know is the home for some of the most remarkable, and prominent universities in the world. One of these universities in the United Kingdom is the Oxford University which also is one of the top-rated university in the world. This exuberant University has created an opportunity for students to become masters of their own with the fully funded Skoll Scholarship for MBA studies.

Well, the University of Oxford has already started accepting online application for admission to their MBA programs on the Skoll fully funded scholarship 2023-2024. Just so you know, this Skoll scholarship is available to all international students who are interested in bagging the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

The Oxford University’ Skoll scholarships were awarded by the Said Business School of Oxford University. Like you should know, the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship is a renowned center which was created for supporting social entrepreneurship all over the world. Keep in mind that this Skoll Scholarship is only awarded to students who are with high resolve to give solutions to pressing environmental issues through entrepreneurial solutions.

Moreover, apart from providing a fully funded scholarship, the Skoll center also gives students/candidates the opportunity to interact with its scholars who already are making changes in the society at large through their innovative solutions. That’s not all as this Skoll center also gives students an extra opportunity to meet with well renowned investor, and entrepreneurs all over the globe.


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What Does The Fully Funded Skoll Scholarship For MBA Studies Cover?

For more knowledge on this scholarship, it is vital you know the sponsor(s) of the Oxford University’s Skoll scholarship, and also what this scholarship covers. Like aforementioned, the Skoll scholarship are awarded by the Said Business School of Oxford University.

Now, what does the Skoll scholarship at Oxford University cover? The following are all the expenses covered by the Skoll scholarship:

  1. All educational expenses of doing an MBA from the Said Business School
  2. It also covers partial living expenses of the scholarship candidate(s). Note that the amount allotted under Skoll scholarship for MBA studies for covering living expenses goes as high as $19,480.50
  3. Furthermore, all Candidates also gets monthly allowance


Skoll Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Skoll scholarship, you first need to be sure you are qualified for this scholarship. However, how do you know the eligibility criteria? Well, the applicants of these scholarships are filtered based on the preceding eligibility standards for the final selection of Skoll scholars:

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  • For all applicants to be eligible for the award, he/she should either be social entrepreneurs, or should have a career impact in the society.
  • As for ‘impact career profession’, it is defined as someone who has used some entrepreneurial method, or idea to solve an existing environmental, or social problem happening in the community
  • All the candidates who are applying for an MBA at the Said Business School of Oxford can submit their application for the scholarship ONLY IF that they satisfy the eligibility requirements.
  • Also, all applicants have to ensure the scholarship committee that they are obliged to improving the society, and will continue to do so after completing their studies.
  • Candidates must have spent at least three years on his/her social project. Well, this means:
  • The applicant must have started a social contingency meant to give solutions to social problems.

  • That applicant should have made a significant impact on the society, or organization in which he/she was working.

  • Lastly, candidates have to make a strong case explaining why they are to be funded for an MBA, and how taking up a business education is important for their entrepreneurial aims.


How To Apply For The Skoll Scholarship For MBA Studies At Oxford University 2023-2024

I strongly suggest you carefully go through the following application procedures to have a higher chance of being considered on the fully funded Skoll MBA scholarship at the University of Oxford:

  • First, candidates will have to submit their application for an MBA at Oxford University to get the Skoll scholarship.
  • Next, they then will have to submit a scholarship essay as part of the required documents at the same time of submitting their MBA application.
  • After that, all candidates will have to fill in an affiliate form which is like a questionnaire of open-ended questions to know how the candidate/applicants came to know about the scholarship, and also his/her reasons for applying, etc.

Note that after submitting the application, candidates (if on the shortlist) will receive an invitation for a virtual interview, then with a one-on-one interview at the university.

Candidates are expected to submit scores of TOEFL, or GRE and IELTS, or GMAT for applying to the Oxford MBA.


Keep in mind that the Skoll scholarship for MBA studies at Oxford University — United Kingdom – scholarship is available to candidates from both UK, and also international students. Furthermore, candidates applying from underdeveloped countries, or countries along the coastlines who have worked hard to start a social venture are especially encouraged to apply for the grant.

Also, the application deadline for the Skoll scholarship for MBA studies at Oxford University is on the 4th January 2023. So, it is advicable that all candidates start preparing on time, and complete all necessary documents to submit your application before the deadline finally approaches.


Further Information on The Skoll Scholarship For MBA Studies 2023-2024 at Oxford University

Deadline: January 4th, 2023

Open date: 6th November 2022

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Country: United Kingdom

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Eligible Countries/Regions: International, and students in the United Kingdom.


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