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Latest Review (Is Legit Or Scam?)

There is nothing sweeter than making money from the comfort of your home. The internet has been a great help in that area as numerous money making sites comes up each day to alleviate joblessness. Well, this time, is offering everyone the opportunity to cash out big by just completing minor tasks.

Technically, not all these tasks are totally new as some of these tasks have been seen on different earning sites. SJunkie has promised its users cool cash that you may even make you so rich, and also doubt its legitimacy.

But, is legit? Does it really pay? Is real or fake? Has crashed? Is still paying? These doubt filled questions are what most of the users on this site want to know.

Well, review basically have every answer to the questions I listed above. Moreover, I would suggest you don’t skip any part of this review as every information I’m going to be laying out is important.

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There are numerous money making sites on the internet today which claims to pay its users for completing simple tasks, however not all of these sites are legit, or trustworthy. If you still don’t know, up to 90% of these so-called money making sites are scams. So, knowing these sites should be your main aim before joining.

Well, today’s review like I said earlier is going to be on this legendary task site ‘’. Basically, the aim of this review is to tell you the answer to the question – is legit or scam? And also to walk you through everything you need to know about this site.

So, do not make the mistake of calling this review a promotion.

Well, some of the things I will be walking you through to you in review are: what is SJunkie? How does SJunkie work? Who is the founder of SJunkie? When was SJunkie launched? How to withdraw on SJunkie? SJunkie sign up? SJunkie login, and more.

Nevertheless, as I guide you through SJunkie review, if you have any questions, do share them in the comments section at the end of this review.


What Is

According to the platform, ‘SJunkie is the easiest way to get paid in cash for sharing your opinion, testing apps & games, sharing your link and more’. Also, SJunkie technically helps you make money online with social media.

So, if you have a social media account, then you are bound to cash out on this platform — hopefully – if it turns out legit. Moreover, learn how to make money on below.


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How Does Work / How To Make Money?

Now to the interesting part of this site — how to make money, and how it works. Like always, the first step to earning in any money making site on the internet today, is to create an account. Well, SJunkie has done so well in welcoming all new members with a sign-up bonus of $50 — huge, right?!

Moreover, after creating your account, you can start earning on this platform by completing simple tasks like; completing surveys, playing games, testing apps, sharing your opinion, and referrals. Each of these tasks gives an interesting bonus.

For example, each time you complete a survey (depending on the time given), you could earn as much as $150. Furthermore, when you share sponsored posts (post to earn), you stand a chance to earn up to $55.

Well, that’s not all as every user on this site has a milestone which at each point/interval, you are given an extra bonus, or your earnings is doubled. Other ways to earn on are; logging in daily where you get $15 each time you log in. Also, you can also watch YouTube videos which are made available to you to earn more.

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Let’s not forget referral earnings. A great way to meet the SJunkie withdrawal threshold faster. Learn more on how it works below.


How To Refer Or Invite?

All users on can find their referral link on their dashboard which they can copy, and share to friends, and families.

Referral earnings on SJunkie is quite a bliss as you also stand a chance to earn when a person clicks on your invitation link. Well, each time a person clicks on your link, you get $2, and $18 when the person completes his/her registration.


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When Was SJunkie Launched?

For those that don’t know, has been available on the internet since the beginning of this year. Technically, this doesn’t mean that this platform has been paying its users, or is it? Keep on reading till the end to find out.


Who Is The CEO / Founder?

Up till date, there has been no information on whom the founder of this platform is. This is because the developers of chose not to reveal their identity to anyone which seems rather suspicious if you ask me.


Where You Can Find SJunkie?

SJunkie can be accessed through its mobile app which you can download on its official website ‘’. However, if you don’t find it necessary to download its app, you can access this platform through its site.

Nonetheless, anyone anywhere can register, and also earn from this platform without any stress. Sign Up

To create your SJunkie account, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the SJunkie mobile app, or visit its official website ‘’, or click ‘sjunkie sign up‘ to go to its registration page.
  • Now, select register
  • Fill in your information in its respective boxes. Well, this information are your username, full name, email address, and the likes.
  • Then submit.

Note that referral code isn’t a compulsory factor to creating an account on this platform.


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How To Log Into Your Account?

Well, to log into your account, open the SJunkie mobile app, or visit its official website ‘’, then select login. Just so you know, you will need to submit your login details i.e. your email address and password.


How to withdraw on

Withdrawals on can be made to the following payment method: Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Mailed Check.

Also, keep in mind that you will need to meet the withdrawal threshold of $200, and also meet some requirements before the platform would accept your withdrawal request.


Is Legit or Scam?

Is still paying? Well, it isn’t! Up till date, there has been no legit proof of withdrawals from this site. Also, do not believe those withdrawal notifications you see on the site, they are all fake.

So, unless you wish to waste your time, data, and nothing (LOL), avoid this site. Moreover, if you think otherwise — that is, if you think SJunkie is a legit site, do share your reviews in the comments below.



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