Scholarships in the United Kingdom 2023-2024
Scholarships in the United Kingdom 2023-2024

Lists Of Scholarships In United Kingdom 2023-2024 For International Students

Lists Of Scholarships In United Kingdom 2023-2024 For International Students

For those in search of scholarships opportunities in the United Kingdom — well, there are numerous British universities, and colleges which have created fully funded UK scholarships 2023 for both international, and domestic students. Currently, admission to these British universities, and colleges on fully funded UK scholarships 2023 are opened. Well, all applicants can submit their applications online for all degree levels, and subjects options.


What Do These British Fully Funded Scholarships In The United Kingdom Provide?

There are certain things these British scholarships provide, and knowing them all should be your main aim before applying. Well, scholarships in British mostly provide either free, or low-fee education; on the contrary, optional or merit based benefits like life insurance, funding for books/experimental materials, a monthly allowance, free insurance, and similar things.

Studying in the United Kingdom is very expensive especially for international students. So, if you have once dreamed of studying here, then you should know that you have a heavy price to pay. Basically, international students do not only have to pay for their tuition fee to study, but they also have to pay for their flight, visa, rent, health insurance, and feeding. And to no doubt that these prices are going up each year. So, getting funds for your academic/education in UK is no small feat, and it would be great if you have a savings somewhere that is just for this.

So, what should one do if they don’t have this saving? Or probably the savings is not enough to see through the academic year? Well, don’t be disheartened about that neither should you give up on studying in UK as there are numerous scholarships now available to cover where your savings can’t reach.

Moreover, you will first need to meet the eligibility criteria, and keep in mind every one of these British scholarships that I will be listing in this article has its own eligibility criteria. Technically, several universities in the United Kingdom has provided scholarships for international students. So, if you are targeting a particular institution to complete your education, then it is worth checking their official website for any scholarship opportunity.

In this article, I will be walking you through different scholarships available in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, you can check them out, and see which you are eligible for.


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Lists Of Scholarships In United Kingdom 2023-2024

Here is a list of some of the fully funded British scholarship 2023-2024:

1. Common Wealth Scholarships

All international students who wish to apply for a masters program in the United Kingdom can consider applying for the commonwealth scholarship. However, keep in mind that these scholarships are only available to students from Common Wealth Countries. Furthermore, this scholarship is funded by the United Kingdom Department For International Development (DFID). Also, this scholarship covers airfare from your home country to UK, and back, personal allowance, tuition fee, and exam fee.

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2. Rhodes Scholarship By The University of Oxford

The Rhodes fund was established in 1902, and is considered today as the oldest scholarship at a leading university in the world. Only individuals who are pursuing postgraduate degree at the Oxford University from particular eligible countries are considered for this award.


3. The University Of Edinburg Global Research Scholarship

This university is known to provide 30 international students enrolled in research based PhD programs with scholarships per year. These scholarship covers any field of study of the students accepted. However, the Edinburg university global research scholarship does not cover living expenses, but assists with the tuition fee for international students such that it is almost equivalent to the domestic students fees.


4. Bristol University Scholarships

The University of Bristol provides multiple British scholarships every year for international students wishing to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Unlike the previous universities, most of the scholarships offered by the Bristol University are fully funded.


5. The University of Westminster International Scholarships

The Westminster university offers its international scholarships to international students belonging to developing countries who aim to enroll full time students in masters programs. Keep in mind that these scholarships is not available to those who wish to enroll for an MBA. Furthermore, the Westminster university scholarships cover both tuition fee, and also living expenses.


6. Chevening Scholarships

The UK government has created the chevening scholarship to international students who are eligible for the scholarship based on a set of eligibility criteria. One of these criteria is; before a student can apply for this scholarship, he/she must have applied to at least 3 masters program in the UK. Moreover, this British scholarship covers the candidate’s tuition fee, and also includes a fair amount of living allowance. Additionally, it funds your ticket from your home country to the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the application portal for this scholarship opens August every year.


7. University of Nottingham Scholarships

The Nottingham university also offers variety of scholarships to both international, and local students each year with all degree, and subject options. Students belonging to the common Wealth Countries are specially welcomed to apply for this scholarship. For more information on the University of Nottingham scholarship, you can click on the link above.


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8. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The gates Cambridge Scholarship is available to all students who wish to enroll as a full time students at the University of Cambridge for postgraduate degrees.


9. University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarship

The chancellor’s Scholarship by the University of West England is available to all international students. Moreover, in some cases, students may be required to start internship in addition to their academic workload.



For more information on this scholarship do well to visit it website. Alternatively, you can check out some interesting scholarships in the United Kingdom. Take a look at ‘British University Of Kent Scholarships For MS, BS And PhD Admission 2023-2024‘ — which covers all your expenses (feeding, housing, and you also get a monthly allowance) till you finish your degree.

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