Canadian scholarships without IELTS

Scholarships In Canada 2023-2024 Without IELTS Requirements

Scholarships In Canada 2023-2024 Without IELTS Requirements

There are numerous way you can get scholarships in Canada 2023-2024 without an IELTS scores. The government as well as top Canadian universities has made this possible for all international students who wish to further their academics in Canada. So, if you are an international student especially those in non-English speaking countries, and you are yet to have an IELTS scores, then fret not as there are other options that are widely accepted in these Canadian universities.

Moreover, there are other ways you could get these scholarships without the need to write any exam at all. I know you think that’s not possible — well, it is. There are certain instances that could qualify you for these scholarships. For example, if a student can’t provide an IELTS test scores, numerous alternatives will fulfill the language proficiency requirements. These instances are:

  • If a candidate is from an English-speaking country, then IELTS is not mandatory.
  • English Language competence certificate from previous institution submission.
  • Submission of tests scores of an alternate language tests e.g. TOEFL, DET, PTE etc.
  • If a candidate enroll in an English language course offered by a Canadian university.
  • If a candidate has completed his/her four years education from an English medium institute.


Canada Universities Scholarships Coverage Plan

Of course, there are certain things these scholarships covers, however not all of these scholarships are fully funded. What are the sure things these Canadian universities scholarships cover?

  • Opportunity to study in Canada for free
  • Canadian government sponsored medical insurance
  • Experiment funding for Canadian lab works
  • Funding to cover your monthly expenses in Canada.
  • Funding to cover your travel expenses to, and from Canada
  • Accommodation at Canadian University hostel


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Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships Without IELTS For 2023-2024

Here are some handpicked Canadian universities which has the best scholarship offerings to international students:

1. University Of Winnipeg Scholarship

This scholarship is available to all students studying in any postgraduate, undergraduate, grad, language programs, and international studies. Technically, all these students are capable of winning the University of Winnipeg scholarship.

Some of the recommended scholarships available at the University of Winnipeg are; President’s scholarship, International Special Entrance Scholarship, and AP & IB entrance Scholarship.

The Winnipeg university scholarships have an acceptance rate of 75% which means— applicants have a good chance of getting accepted. Also, there is no admission fee charges on this scholarship.

Some of the Accepted Language Test apart from IELTS are; CanTest, PTE, CAEL-CE, TOEFL, CAE, DET, CAEL, and CPE.


2. University Of Saskatchewan Scholarship

This outstanding university has numerous grad awards, and also undergraduate awards for continuing as well as entrance students. In addition, all successful candidates will also get external scholarships, and awards.

Some of the top Canadian scholarships offered by the Saskatchewan university are; Chancellor’s scholarship, Edward’s undergraduate Scholarship, Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship, J.M. Sharpe Memorial Scholarship, etc. Keep in mind that the rewards, and benefits in the aforementioned scholarships varies.

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Also, the acceptance rate for the University of Saskatchewan scholarship is 45% which is fairly below average. Furthermore, all accepted candidates are required to pay an admission fee of CAD 90.

Accepted Language Test apart from IELTS are; CanTest, TOEFL iBT, MELAB, Duolingo, PTE, CAEL, and CAE.


3. Carleton University Scholarship

All students who enroll at the Carleton stands a chance to submit his/her application for a few Canadian scholarships while studying any grad or undergraduate studies.

Some entrance scholarships at the Carleton University are; David Muir Entrance Scholarship, Prestige Scholarship, Carleton Capital Scholarship, etc. On the other hand, students currently studying in the Carleton University will get department scholarships, and external awards.

Note that the amount gotten from each of these scholarships as well as its duration varies as per the scholarship, degree programs, and students entrance, or current status. Moreover, the Carleton University has a low acceptance rate (21%) for its scholarship applicants. Also, there will be an admission fee of $110.00

Some of the Accepted Language Test apart from IELTS are; PTE, CAEL-CE, TOEFL iBT, CAEL, and ESL.


4. University Of Guelph Scholarship

Scholarships gotten from the Guelph university are given based on the student’s academic merit/grade (performance, and GPA). Furthermore, there are various entrance, in-course, and need-base scholarships both international, and home graduates & undergraduates can apply for.

Few of these scholarships available in the University of Guelph are; The President’s scholarship, Academic Leadership Entrance Scholarship, Board of Governors’ Scholarship, and Lincoln Alexander Chancellor’s Scholarship.

The Guelph university has a fairly average acceptance rate of 66% — which means students stands a good chance of being considered. Furthermore, there is an admission fee of CAD 40.


5. University of Windsor Scholarship

The Windsor university is well known for serving undergraduates, graduates, and also international students with various scholarship, and awards programs. Apart from this, scholarships will be given with different rewards, and grants.

Some popular scholarships available at the University of Windsor are; Program-Specific Entrance Scholarship, Skills Competition Scholarship, Entrance Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, etc.

The University of Windsor has an acceptance rate of 64% which is just fairly below the University of Guelph. However, you will be required to pay an admission fee of CAD 75 & 125 which is non-refundable.

Accepted Language Test, except IELTS are; SAT, PTE, ACT, TOEFL, and DET.


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6. Okanagan College Scholarship

For students who have interest in studying in the Okanagan College, be ready to enroll in a wide range of degrees, diplomas, and certified programs in different fields. For example, business, technology, finance, health, etc.

One interesting thing about the Okanagan College is that students who are facing financial crises can receive the scholarships, funds, and also loans. Few of these scholarships offered by the Okanagan College are; McGill Entrance Award for Business, Okanagan College President’s Entrance Scholarship, Johnstone Memorial Award, Okanagan College Community Spirit Award, etc.

In addition, the amount given in these scholarships as well as benefits like housing, and living costs will be different in each of these scholarships programs. The Okanagan College Scholarship is most times less competitive — which basically means all applicants stands a higher chance of being considered. Moreover, there is an admission fee of CAD 30 for locals, and CAD 100 for international students.

Some of the Accepted Language Test except IELTS are; TOEFL (PBT), TOEFL (CBT), PTE, CAEL, Duolingo, LPI, CELBAN, and TOEFL iBT.



For more information on this scholarship do well to visit it website. However, you can check out some interesting scholarships in the United Kingdom. Take a look at ‘British University Of Kent Scholarships For MS, BS And PhD Admission 2023-2024‘ — which covers all your expenses (feeding, housing, and you also get a monthly allowance) till you finish your degree.

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