Fully Funded Scholarships In Australia 2023
Fully Funded Scholarships In Australia 2023

Fully Funded Scholarships In Australia 2023 — Apply Now

Fully funded scholarships in Australia 2023 — Scholarships for international students in Australia – Apply for admission now!

The scholarships in Australia 2023-2034 are now available for international students, and also local students. This Australian scholarships list I will be revealing to you in this article is not in any way filled with lost universities — in fact, the well known Australian awards scholarship is at the top of this list, and also some prestigious Australian universities scholarships. We researched this topic, and put together a list of verified Australian Scholarships that we will be sharing with you here for free.

There are numerous Australian scholarships which are all available for international students who wish to pursue higher education (academic degrees) in Australia. Moreover, some of these scholarships were funded by the Australian government while others were provided by various Australian universities, and the likes. So, before you apply to any of these scholarships, I would suggest you do your research well, and figure out if there is any funding opportunity that you could apply to ease all financial weight that comes with studying abroad in prestigious universities.


Can I Study in Australia Without IELTS?

Basically, the native language in Australia is English which means the universities situated in Australia are teaching all courses in English language except for non-English courses. As expected, all international students who have interest in studying in Australia are required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency. However, this doesn’t mean IELTS is the only English language test accepted in Australian universities as there are many others.

All applicants of the Australian universities scholarships can opt in for any IELTS alternative.


Some IELTS Alternatives Offered By Australian Universities.

There are quite a number of tests that you can submit as an alternative to IELTS exam for admission in most Australian universities. Take a look at some IELTS alternative that you can submit in Australia:

  • DET (Duolingo English Test)
  • PTE (Pearson English Language Test)
  • TOEFL (Test of English As Foreign Language)
  • CAE/CPE (Cambridge Test)
  • CAEL (Canadian Assessment English Language)
  • AEPUCE (Academic English Program for University, and College Entry)
  • CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)


List of Scholarships in Australia in 2023-2024

For those who are considering applying for the Australian scholarships sponsored by authentic Government Departments or institutes, well, I will be giving a list of 8 scholarships which probably are of uttermost importance if you are searching for scholarships which are issued by government owned department or institutes.

So, to assist you with these scholarships, and also the time it would take you when conducting your own research on these scholarships, we have compiled a list of the best scholarship you can get in Australia. Well, you can check these scholarships out if you like I mentioned earlier, you are considering applying to any college or Universities in Australia. The list goes thus:

1. Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS Scholarship)

The Australia Awards Scholarships were previously known as the Australian Development Scholarship, or ADS. The Australian Awards scholarship is a well renowned scholarship which is funded by the Australian Foreign Affairs, and Trade Department.

Well, these scholarships are for individuals who belong to developing countries for undergraduates degrees, and also postgraduate degrees at different Australian universities.


2. International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

The Australian international postgraduate research scholarship is only available to international students who want to do postgraduate research in Australia. This Australian postgraduate research could be done either at master level or Ph.D. level. However, this depends on what you are applying for. Furthermore, the international postgraduate research scholarship provides funding for tuition fee, and health insurance.

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3. Endeavor Scholarships for Postgraduate Degrees

The Australian Endeavor Scholarship Award gives financial aid to all international students who wish to pursue postgraduate degrees — either master’s degree, or PhDs in Australia. Note that this scholarship covers the tuition fee, and also offers a monthly allowance. Additionally, it also is enough to cover insurance policies, and has an additional travel allowance – tho little.


Now, for those in search of scholarships offered directly by universities, then the next part of this list is for you. However, keep in mind that these scholarships are for international students who want to pursue higher studies in Australia.


4. Scholarship by University of Adelaide

This Australian scholarship (Adelaide University Scholarship) program was created by the University to postgraduate students from all over the globe to come, and conduct research at the University. Well, the University of Adelaide Scholarship covers quite a number of expenses e.g. tuition fees, living allowance, and also health insurance.


5. International Scholarship by Macquarie University

The Macquarie University international scholarships is for students who wish to enroll in graduate or undergraduate programs at the University. Also keep in mind that this scholarship is only for students with an excellent academic grade. So, to qualify for this scholarship, you need to first have a good academic grade.


6. International Research Scholarship by the University of Sydney

International students who are in search of research-based Master’s degree or PhD degree in any Australian university can try out the University of Sydney international Research Scholarship. This Sydney’s research scholarship covers the tuition fee, and also provide a living allowance — however, this is for a maximum of 3 years.


7. Scholarship by Flinders University

All international students can apply for the scholarship by Flinders university in Australia. Basically, students who want to enroll for a research-based degree at Flinders University may be given the Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (FIPRS). Furthermore, this award covers the tuition fees for international students, air tickets, relocation costs, and also provides a living allowance. So, applying for this scholarship is a great choice.


8. Scholarship by University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is well known for its outstanding scholarships, and this scholarship is given to research students who have an excellent performance. Also, this awards covers variety of expenses. For example, the Melbourne scholarship covers the tuition fee, provides living allowance, and also gives relocation grants.


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Further Information on The British Wellcome Fellowship, And Scholarships Grants [£120,000 Funding With Free Degree In UK]

Deadline: February 28th 2023

Open date: December 5th 2022

Country: Australia

Financial coverage: fully – partially funded

Eligible Countries/Regions: International Students

For more information on this scholarship do well to visit it website. Alternatively, you can check out some interesting scholarships in the United Kingdom. Take a look at ‘Scholarships In Canada 2023-2024 Without IELTS Requirements‘.

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