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The University of Northampton is a public university in Northamptonshire, England and we kid you not, it is actually one of the best universities we have in the United Kingdom and also around the world. If you are a student reading this right now, and you do know that you have interest in furthering your education at an outstanding university like the University of Northampton, then this scholarship article should be a good read for you.

Just before you start making up your mind, you should note that studying at one of the top and remarkable universities like this would be quite costly – this should be no shocker to you. And no, this does not slash across the board the fact that studying at this university is going to be a huge investment and also a positive addition to your academic status. If you are eventually to go after a degree at the University of Northampton, you should consider yourself a very lucky individual.

The University of Northampton is one amazing university that many students often wish to study at and ever since the establishment of this university, it has always been known as one of most noteworthy and widely recognized universities in England. Just so you know, this university has often been ranked amongst the top universities around the globe and this is just a little out of its other amazing feats.

You may be asking how you can get the chance to study at a wonderful university like this, but this article would surely make you ask less. We are going to be extensively looking into how you can easily find your way around study costs at the University of Northampton via scholarships which would also be listed further down this article.

But before we dive into interesting details, let us discuss on why you should pick the University of Northampton as a place for furthering your studies.

Why You Should Study at The University of Northampton

For several years now, the University of Northampton has done its best to stand atop when it comes to the best universities we have in England and also around the world. This prominent university is also reported and recorded to be amongst several students’ first choice when it comes to making a choice over the university they wish to further their education, in England.

Starting first by the amalgamation of a number of training colleges some years back, this great university has been dedicated towards tutoring, training and producing great individuals with intelligent minds. Just so you know, this university was actually the third university in England, after Oxford and Cambridge. Every year, the University of Northampton takes in lots of new students who are up and ready for academic distinctions.

Here’s a fun fact that should be of interest to you; there are over 13 thousand recorded students who are currently studying at the University of Northampton. The exciting part about this little information is that you reading this can now actually be part of those students pursuing different degrees in different fields of study.

You can now join in and be part of a remarkable university that has an exquisite educational system, talented tutors, wide emphasis on research and development and also lots of scholarship programs available to students. For the students who are much interested in the scholarship programs that the University of Northampton has to offer, it’s pleasurable to note that you can actually be part of the awardees.

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Various scholarships are given out in order to support and help students who do not have financial aids to further their education. There are lots of scholarships given out to students from time to time and some of them will be listed below and if you want to apply, be sure to visit the official website.


Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Before you go ahead and apply for the scholarships which would be listed below, be sure to take note of these terms and conditions:

  • Applicants will receive an email to confirm the outcome of their application
  • The recipient will be requested to submit a report on how the financial award has helped to support them
  • Breaks from study or long-term illness may result in the termination of the scholarship
  • The recipient agrees to participate in case studies, stories and other opportunities as required, and to these being used on the University’s website, social media and in printed publications
  • Please note that the decision of the Panel/Trustees is final



Since the establishment of the Sir John Lowther Scholarship back in 2000 to commemorate the work and achievements of Sir John Lowther himself, it has been dedicated towards assisting students in order to help them counter study costs. This scholarship will be awarded to a postgraduate student within the Arts.

If you eventually become a successful awardee of this scholarship program, you get to receive financial awards of up to £2,000. You may be eligible for this scholarship if you’ve been offered a place at the University of Northampton to undertake, or are currently undertaking, postgraduate study within the Arts.



To the undergraduate and postgraduate students reading this, this should be a golden opportunity for you. Northampton shoe manufacturer, T D Lewis, left the sum of £1,000 for the provision of a scholarship or scholarships for educational purposes in the County of Northampton.

This scholarship is awarded on educational excellence or potential and if you eventually become a successful awardee, you get to receive financial awards of up to £1,000.

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Students on full-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses within the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies now have the chance to receive the Leathersellers’ Company Scholarships. Before you apply for this scholarship, you are required to have evidence of high-quality work, demonstrated through academic achievement or industry experience.

If you eventually become a successful awardee of the Leathersellers’ Company Scholarship, you get the chance to receive awards which vary in size but have been between £500 and £3000.

Eligible courses for this scholarship are as follows:

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Leather Technology
  • B.Sc. Leather Technology
  • M.Sc. Leather Technology

For more information on this, do well to visit the official website.

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