Fully Funded Doha Institute Scholarships In Qatar 2023

Fully Funded Doha Institute Scholarships In Qatar 2023

Fully Funded Doha Institute Scholarships In Qatar 2023

With numerous scholarships circulating the internet, the Doha Institute in Qatar has also created an opportunity for international students. Well, this fully funded scholarships are open to all graduates who wish to further their studies.

Moreover, that’s not the only aim of this scholarship, but this institute aims to attract international students from various countries to travel to Doha to further their studies (higher studies), and also experience Qatar’s standards and culture.

Basically, Qatar offers many scholarships for international students all with the aim of promoting Qatar’s education system, and culture worldwide. Furthermore, you can also check other master’s scholarships (partially, or fully funded) on this website. Therefore, do not miss this amazing opportunity, and submit your application for the fully funded scholarship to pursue your postgraduate studies abroad without worrying about any expenses required to study abroad.

Nevertheless, students can only apply for this scholarship only if they meet, or supersede the eligibility requirements. Well, I will be listing out those requirements later on this article, but first, we need to know what fields this scholarship covers.

The Doha institute scholarship in Qatar offers numerous academic fields, and specializations for international students to pursue their master’s degree programs. On the lucky side, these scholarships would cover all expenses regarding studying at the Doha institute for international, and domestic students.


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What Does The Doha Institute Scholarship In Qatar Cover?

Basically, we should expect a scholarship to cover most areas (if not all) of your studying, and most times, some benefits is a plus to these scholarships — however, in some cases it is different. So, what do these Doha Institute scholarship cover?

  • An opportunity to study in Doha institute for free
  • University accommodation fee
  • Provision of the monthly allowance to all students both international, and domestic.
  • Full Tuition fee coverage
  • Funding to cover your travel expenses to go back to home country after studies at the Doha institute.
  • Funding to cover your health expenses (Health Insurance).


Fields Offered at Doha Institute

Like I mentioned earlier, there are numerous fields the Doha institute scholarship in Qatar covers. However, for some students, this fields may not be accessible to you. Here are the lists of fields offered at the Doha institute:

  1. Comparative literature
  2. Public policies
  3. Psychology
  4. Executive in public administration
  5. Public administration
  6. Media studies
  7. Social work
  8. Philosophy
  9. Linguistics and Arabic lexicography
  10. Development economics
  11. Monetary security studies
  12. Conflict management and humanitarian action
  13. Political science and international relations
  14. Sociology and anthropology

Note that there are no requirements for IELTS/TOEFL, so ensure to give it a go, and also apply today.


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Further Information on the Doha institute scholarship in Qatar

Deadline: January 20, 2023.

Country: Qatar

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Eligible Countries/Regions: Anyone can apply


Why You Should Choose Doha Institute For Higher Education

For many years now, the Doha institute has done its best to make a favorable environment for all its students. Moreover, that’s not all as you can’t deny the fact that these universities in Qatar has a spark that naturally attracts people.

Either ways, there are numerous reason that should be enough to pick Doha institute for higher education degree, and scholarship. Some of these reasons are;

  • It is globally known, and has a good reputation
  • Partially/fully funded scholarships provided by the University
  • Tuition grants, and IELTS/TOEFL exemptions.
  • Variety of job opportunities
  • Sponsored Accommodation, and a steady monthly allowance
  • Diverse academic fields, and degree programs.


Doha Institute Scholarships in Qatar Eligibility Criteria

You must have interest in the Doha Institute Scholarships 2023 before applying. Well, check the eligibility criteria to know if you are eligible for this scholarship.

This scholarship is eligible to any students from any nationality which means you can apply anywhere in the world.

  1. All applicants must have a bachelor certificate to apply.
  2. However, students in their final year of the Bachelor’s program are as well eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  3. Also, there is no age restrictions.
  4. To apply for the Doha Institute for graduate studies scholarship in Qatar, applicants must meet the admission criteria.
  5. Students must have a good academic record.
  6. Lastly, the scholarship in Qatar is also available to students in Pakistan.


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Benefits of Doha Institute Scholarships in Qatar

Like always, all scholarships have a benefit attached to it. So, if you have read the eligibility criteria of the Doha institute scholarship, then it’s time for you to know the benefits of this scholarship.

  • 100% of tuition fees coverage.
  • Provision of free housing/accommodation in institute dorms.
  • All international students will receive a monthly allowance.
  • In addition, students will also receive health insurance.


Now what are the requirements to qualify for the Qatar institute scholarship? Let’s find out in the next part of this article.


Requirements for Doha Institute Scholarships 2023

To qualify for any scholarship, there are certain documents, and requirements you must meet, or submit. So, what are the requirements needed for this scholarship in Qatar? Well, here is a list of all you need:

  • A copy of official identification like CNIC (passport for international students while Qatari identification for residents, and citizens of Qatar).
  • Also, you will need a bachelor’s certificate (final year students can do well to provide all transcripts up to the application date).
  • An updated curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Two letters of recommendation (either from your home university, or a prestigious institution).
  • The English test scores or the English proficiency certificate from your university.
  • A personal statement.
  • Lastly, an academic essay.


Application Process

Just so you don’t mess up your chances of grabbing this scholarship due to some mistake when applying for this scholarship, I’ve drafted an application process on how you can go about this scholarship application. Note that the application process for this scholarship is online.

  • All international students must apply for the admission through their official website, and get acceptance before proceeding with the other steps.
  • Keep in mind that the admission department will send a link for the online scholarship form.
  • Now, submit the completely filled application with supporting documents required.
  • Then wait for the Admission department to announce the scholarship awardees, and grants.
  • Keep in mind that the deadline to apply for the Doha Institute Scholarships 2023 is on the 20th of January 2023.

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