Bishop's University scholarships in Canada for international students 2023

Bishop’s University Scholarships In Canada 2023 For International Students

Bishop’s University Scholarships In Canada 2023 For International Students

Applications for the new session of the Bishop graduates, and undergraduates awards are now open to all who wish to apply, and further their education. Nowadays, international applicants have been given the opportunity to further their education in Canada under the fully funded Bishop university scholarships programs even without IELTS scores.

On the other hand, winners of these scholarships would get an infinite number of beneficiaries. Well, they only get these beneficiaries till they complete their degree under these higher education scholarships.

Moreover, let’s talk a bit on Bishop university. Well, Bishop university is a small university in Canada with a quality, and affordable education. This amazing university has three facilities & versatile business, health care, and also nursing school. Furthermore, candidates can also take careers in multiple fields e.g. IT, Finance, Law, Psychology, Criminology, administration, Human Sciences, and several others.

Alternatively, the obtainable degree programs available at bishop university are;

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Master’s degree
  3. Honor’s degree
  4. Certificate, and
  5. Research programs.

In addition, the bishop university has gone easy on students as candidates with low academic scores can also apply for this scholarship due to the high acceptance rates of 60%, and 70%. Also, you will need to pay an admission application charges of CAD 65.


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Bishop’s University English Language Requirements

International candidates from non-speaking English countries are obliged to follow the language requirements. The reason for such obligation is that English is the only education method used. In line with this, the acceptance language tests at Bishop’s University are IELTS, or TOEFL, or DET, or C1, or C2, or B2 First scores.


Lists Of Bishop’s University Scholarships Available In 2023

Here are the lists of some prestigious Bishop scholarship awards which offers high awards of about $20,000 along with other benefits. However, keep in mind that every one of these scholarships has different eligibility requirements attached to it. Moreover, the list goes thus;

  • Entrance Scholarship — This Bishop’s University scholarship is for all degree programs. For example bachelor degree, and others.
  • Cleghorn Family Awards — Well, this scholarship was made for athletes.
  • Hugh Cowan’s Scholarship — Candidates that are graduates can apply for this scholarship to further their education.
  • Fulbright Canadian Scholarship — This scholarship was created for graduate students, and also junior professionals.
  • Rhodes Scholarship — If you are a postgraduate, and you wish to take your academics to an international level, then this scholarship is for you.
  • Competitive Scholarship — This Bishop’s University scholarship is for undergraduates, and postgraduate programs.
  • Undergraduates Student Research Awards — Like the name suggest, this scholarship is for undergraduate research students.
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship — Unlike other scholarships, this Bishop’s University scholarship is for high school students in their final year of studies.
  • Arbour Foundation Scholarship — It was specially made for MS degree program.
  • Ontario Canada Scholarship — Well, this scholarship is for doctorial students, and also MS students.
  • SSHRC Doctorial Fellowship — This scholarship is for Ph.D. degree students.

Well, you can decide from any of these scholarships depending on the level of education you want to further.


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Why You Should Apply For The Bishop’s University Scholarships

For several years now, the Bishop’s university has done its possible best to help both international, and also domestic students who wish to further their education, but don’t have enough monetary power to do so. Moreover, this amazing Canadian university has created another set of scholarships again.

However, this time, it offers for the opportunity for all candidates to pursue different degree, as well as multiple fields of study which are also available. This prominent university is also known, and recorded to be the first choice for most students when it comes to selecting a university to complete higher education in Canada.

Just so you know, every year, the bishop university takes in lots of new students who are up, and ready for academic distinctions.

Here’s a fun fact about this Canadian scholarship; Like you have seen above, the Bishop’s University scholarship 2023 has over 10 scholarships’ sponsor who has offered to help students further their academic to their desired degree.

Well, with these in mind, you can now join in and be part of a remarkable university that has an exquisite educational system, wide emphasis on research, and development, talented tutors, and also lots of scholarship programs available to students.

For the candidates who have interest in the scholarship programs that the Bishop’s University has to offer, it’s with please for you to note that you can actually be part of the winners.


How To Apply For The Bishop’s University Scholarship Program 2023

Before applying for this scholarship, it is advisable that all interested candidates should secure their admissions here first. Well, to do that, you just need to submit your online admission application by May 1st 2023 or October 1st 2023.

Furthermore, you will need to submit the fee (i.e. admission application charges of CAD 65), and required documents with the application. After the application/admission has been confirmed, you can now opt in for the separate scholarship application, and submit on, or before the 15th of March 2023. Do the above instructions to increase your chances of selection.


Documents Requirements For The Bishop’s University Scholarships In Canada 2023

It is important you submit the following documents along with your application. Note that any application with any of these documents not available will be put aside no matter your grades. The documents required are:

  • English language scores
  • Identification proof
  • Academic transcript
  • Valid passport (scanned copy)
  • Study plan
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Research proposal letter
  • Letter of motivation writing
  • Recommendation letter


Further Information on the Bishop’s University scholarship 2023

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Deadline: May 15, 2023

Open date: 15th November 2022

Country: Canada

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Eligible Countries/Regions: Anyone can apply.


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