Finance Options blog

This is a rising blog with the aim of helping people have financial stability. Financial Options blog was founded by Ukpebor Gaius a writer for finance in many social websites. We intend to create a community where people can come to with their problems on finances and get professional advice. It was found in Lagos, Nigeria.

For more information and queries about this blog or any post you can contact us through our customers contact page.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide readers with the right education and also knowledge to become financially stable and successful, help readers ditch debt, learn how to save and also invest in the right stock. Furthermore, our vision is to be a blog and also a institute that people can depend on for the right financial knowledge.

Our Plan To Financial Success

The aim of our roadmap is to supply you with the knowledge and certainty on how to handle your money, get out of debt and create a sound financial future for yourself.

The main components of our plan are:

  1. Having a firm mindset
  • Let go of your money mistakes
  • Affirm yourself
  • Set your goals
  • Address bad money habits
  2. Budget & save
  • Control and track your spending
  • Making budgets
  • Creating an emergency funds
  • Creating long and short-term funds
  • Saving
  3. Destroy your debt
  • Learning to control your borrowing habit
  • Paying off debts
  • Making good use of the loans borrowed
  • Make a plan
  4. Building wealth
  • Learning how investing work
  • Learn other ways to make money | both online and offline
  • Learn forex trading, strategies etc.
  • Investing in real estate
  5. Planning
  • Make more money in your career & through side hustles/business
  • Retirement savings
  • Protecting yourself with the right insurance
  • Build and maintain credit
  6. Apps review
  • Know about mobile apps trustworthiness and usage.