MBA Scholarships in the USA and Canada 2023
MBA Scholarships in the USA and Canada 2023

2023 List of Funded MBA Scholarships in The USA and Canada

2023 List of Funded MBA Scholarships in the USA and Canada

MBA, no doubt, is one of most desired degree in the world that most graduates want. Basically, this degree gives graduates an edge in getting a white collar job, and also a potential growth for their career. Nevertheless, getting this MBA is no joke as it is costly, and also time-consuming especially for students attending schools in Canada, and USA. Well, to reduce your cost on this sought after degree, we have put together a list of MBA scholarship opportunities available to students from different countries. But first, you need to know what these MBA has to offer.


What does an MBA offer?

An MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is a great way to take your career to the next level, and also increase your earning potential. Moreover, MBA Scholarships can assist you with these advancements. These follows is the benefits of MBA Scholarships:

  • Gain adequate skills you need to succeed.
  • Huge impact on your future.
  • Professional advancement in your career.
  • Gives you to get a head start in your career.
  • Build new networks with other professionals.


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Eligible Criteria for MBA Scholarships

To apply for an MBA scholarship, you first need to be eligible for this scholarship. So, what are the eligibility criteria for an MBA scholarship? Well, to be qualified for an MBA scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • First, you must be a citizen, or permanent resident of the United States or Canada.
  • All applicants must have a competitive GPA.
  • Just like your GPA, you must also have excellent academic achievements in your undergraduate studies. Well, this includes grades in courses that are relevant to an MBA program.
  • You must have demonstrated leadership and teamwork skills.
  • All applicants must have financial needs, and not be looking for a way to get free studies.


How to Apply for an MBA Scholarships?

There are numerous ways to submit an application for am MBA scholarship. However, the most common ones are submitting an application form as well as a short essay which can be done online through emails, or social media.

Alternatively, before you apply, it is important you know that most MBA scholarship are awarded based on merits, and academic achievements. Well, this basically means you have to be an excellent candidate regardless of your financial situation. On the other hand, most of these scholarships may only be available to students with financial hardships.

So, how then do you apply for your scholarship? The following are various methods to apply for an MBA scholarship:

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  1. Submitting an online application
  2. Sending in applications in person
  3. Applying through a dedicated scholarship website
  4. Participating in webinars or workshops offered by the scholarship provider


How you can increase your chances of getting an MBA scholarships?

There is a vast amount of things an applicant can do to increase their chances of getting the MBA scholarship. However, without strong academic credentials (good grades, and the likes), you are almost out of the option.

Over 90% of MBA programs in the world have very specific requirements for admission, and not meeting these requirements gets your chances below 3% of a 100. Like I mentioned earlier, a good grade a solid ground to this. Ensure you have nothing less than 3.0 GPA, and a GRE score of 2100, or above. I also recommend you are fluent in English, and also have experience working in a well-known company.

Additionally, submitting you applications early is a good move to make as that also increases your chances of getting accepted.


List of MBA scholarships offered in the USA & Canada

Here are some of the popular scholarships which are available in the USA, and Canada:


Lafley Scholarship Awards

The Lafley Scholarship Awards was created in honor of Mr. A.G. Lafley, who was the CEO of Procter & Gamble for nearly two decades before his death in 2012. Mr. Lafley was a well-known advocate for creativity, and innovation in business, and he made a significant contribution to the growth of P&G during his time there. The purpose of the A.G. Lafley Scholarship Awards is to support young people who have ambition, and drive but may not have had access to traditional opportunities or financial assistance to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School.


Keller Banks, Jr. Scholarship

This scholarship is available to both full time undergraduates, and graduates students who are registered in an accredited business school in the United States, or Canada. This scholarship is worth $20,000, and will be given to students who demonstrate exceptional financial needs, and has a record of outstanding academic achievement.

To be eligible for the Keller Banks Jr. Scholarship, applicants must have a 3.0 GPA, or even higher. Also, applicants must demonstrate great leadership qualities. Furthermore, they must also have demonstrated proficiency in financial accounting, marketing, business strategy, finance, and other applicable discipline. In line with that, candidates must be willing, or planning to pursue a career in business management.


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David L. Boren Scholarship

The David L. Boren Scholarship Award is a yearly scholarship which gives honors the former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma who served as the United States University System’s president from 1993 to 2001. This scholarship is for a graduate student with superior academic achievement in business administration at an accredited U.S. institution of higher education.

Moreover, to qualify for this scholarship, candidates should have graduated from high school, or acquired a GED. Also, they must have completed one fill year of undergraduate studies in business administration at and accredited US institution of higher education by the end of the calendar year. On the bright side, this scholarship is worth over $40,000 per year which would be paid out over four years.



Note that both international students and domestic students can apply for this scholarship. For more information on this scholarship do well to visit it website. Alternatively, you can check out some interesting scholarships in the United Kingdom. Take a look at ‘Fully Funded Skoll Scholarship For MBA Studies 2023-2024‘ — which covers all your expenses (feeding, housing, and you also get a monthly allowance) till you finish your degree.

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